My mother and father-in-law, when they got married. Öjeni Sinyoru ˝ilton, maiden name Levi and Robert Rafael ˝ilton. They married in Ortaköy. The wedding dress is short and decorated with tuile. The veil resembles a turban. My father-in-law was extremely fond of his children. He was serious and loving. My mother-in-law had a phobia of the sea. We encountered a big problem at our wedding. Our wedding proved to be difficult for my wife because her whole family lived on the European side. There was no bridge then, all transport was with ferries. On top of all of this my mother-in-law had a phobia of the sea. It was a problem for the ˝ilton family to come to the wedding, it was another problem for them to return. We celebrated the wedding with an evening dinner.