my sister

This photograph is my sister Vivi's passport picture. Since it is with a school uniform it could be St Benoit or K˛zs˛ltoprak Lisesi. Fortune and Nesim Arditi preferred to live on the Asian coast. I was born in 1923, on Recaizade Ekrem Sokak No'95. In 1926, my brother Henri Arditi was born. He married a lady named Lizet. Henri Arditi had two sons named Bensiyon and Eli. Henri died in 1987 in Istanbul. Bensiyon (Henri's son) got married in the United States to a lady named Suzan. They had three children together. They later got divorced because of irreconcilable differences. When they got divorced though, Suzan was pregnant with their third child. Bensiyon later got married to a Christian lady. Eli, Henri's other son, got married to a lady named Luna. They had three children named Aron, Esli and Alison. Henri Arditi was a graduate of middle school, so he continued the family business at the Kooperatif store. In 1932, my sister Viktorya was born. Vivi (short for Viktorya) went to the St. Benoit Lycee [a high school in Istanbul founded and supported by the French]. Vivi got married to one of Henri's friends, and immigrated to Israel in 1942. When Vivi left for Israel, she took my mother's sewing machine with her as a souvenir. The couple had two children named Lea and Hayim. Lea ended up getting married to Rafi Azuz, a man from Bursa [a city in the Marmara Region, Turkey].