Vida Kabiljo and Israel Eskenazi

My parents Vida and Israel Eskenazi in Derventa, 1924. They took a picture for the occasion of thir engagement in Derventa, where they met. They got married in Doboj in 1925. They lived in Slavonski Brod until 1930 when they moved to Zagreb. The oldest brother of my father, Mihael took care of them. My parents met in Derventa. My maternal grandfather had a manufacturing workshop there where he sold all sorts of things. The two saleswomen in the store where his two daughters: my mother and her sister. I do not remember what brought my father to Derventa or how long he remained there. There he fell in love with my mother and she with him and according to custom they received their parents blessings and married in Doboj on August 10, 1925. I do not why they married in Doboj. I was born four years later. Their first child died during birth and afterwards my mother was not able to conceive. She was treated and then had two children one right after the other. We lived in Zagreb until 1941. My father worked as a trader for the material shop owned by a Jew Dragutin Ulman. My mother was a housewife.