Albert Eskenazi in Jewish community office

Here I am at the office of Jewish community of Belgrade in 1997. I was the executive secretary for 10 years and three months. I have done some statistics that during time in the Community, I attended 550 Community Board meetings. They lasted approximately three hours each, which is 1500 hours at the meetings. During these 10 years I was coordinator for Hebrew language and gave lectures to beginners. After retiring I wanted to start writing, but my brother-in-law made an appointment with the then president of the Jewish community Jasa Almuli for the position of secretary. As soon as he saw me he offered me to start working on the 3rd of May. The 300 dollar salary attracted me and instead of staying two or three years I remained ten years. After ten years I was already tired and spent and wanted someone younger to take my place. My resignation with this explanation was accepted. In addition, since I have been involved in Hebrew language for more than fifty years, I became a teacher of language and a legal translator for Hebrew language, translating in both directions.