Israel, Albert and Jakov Eskenazi

The picture was taken on the way to my school with my father and his brother Jakov Eskenazi, in Zagreb (Croatia), 1937. This is Jurisiceva Street at Bane Jelacic Square. I was in a first grade of Jewish elementary school. My father came to pick me up in Palmoticeva street, where the school was. Today in the same building is Jewish Community Zagreb. We were on the way to tram station. My uncle joined us for lunch. He usually had lunch with us as he wasn?t married. He was a trader. The Nazis took him to a concentration camp, Jasenovac, in 1941. He never came back. My uncle was a good man like my father. He got married late, he was almost 40, with Anica, Ana. They lived near us, without children. We were very happy when he got married. Unfortunately, after two years they were taken to concentration camp Jasenovac (Croatia), from where they never came back. He completed Trading school, he worked in the warehouse in center of the city.