Victoria Behar's family on a visit in Dupnitsa

This is our family, photographed in Dupnitsa in 1934 with my grandmother Devora Komforti (on the very left). You can see my parents Ester Bohoracheva, nee Komforti, and Iacob Bohorachev, and me and my sisters, Elvira Alfaha, nee Aronova and Devora Mizrahi, nee Aronova.

Every summer we visited my grandmother in Dupnitsa or my uncle in Kyustendil by train - this was at the beginning of the 1930s, during the summer holidays. When we were younger, we went only for one or two weeks, but when we started going to school, we spent the whole summer vacation there and played with our cousins. We didn't go on holiday to other places. It was around that time that I traveled by car for the first time. My uncle Rahamim, who lived in Plovdiv, had a car. He would drive to Kyustendil and take us on a ride around the suburbs. On the Christian holiday of Archangel Michael my father's employer would prepare a special dinner of boiled mutton for his employees and would come to take our family in his car. What I also remember from those years is our father taking us to a restaurant from time to time to eat kepabcheta [grilled oblong rissoles].