Tsylia Aguf's husband Mark Aguf

My husband Mark Aguf photographed in Kiev in 1947. The photo was taken at the meeting for the beginning of my first year at the school where I worked. I finished school in 1937 and entered the Faculty of Philosophy at the Kiev Pedagogical Institute. I met Mark at a party at the Institute. He was a student at the Faculty of Architecture at the Kiev Art Institute. During the war my husband was at the Leningrad and, later, at the Northwestern fronts. I was in evacuation in Kustanay, Kazakhstan, with his parents. At the beginning of 1944 my father-in-law obtained a special permit required to return to Kiev. [Until the middle of 1944 Kiev was still closed for those who wanted to return from evacuation.] Mark returned from the front in 1945. He was shell-shocked, and I took him to all kinds of doctors until he finally got better. I went to complete my studies at the Pedagogical Institute in Kiev, and my husband was in his 5th year at the Kiev Art Institute. I graduated from the Institute in 1947 and got a job in the Russian secondary school in the center of the city. I liked my job. I got along well with my colleagues, and the children's parents were satisfied with my work. My husband graduated from the Art Institute and became an architect with Kievproject, one of the leading design institutes in Kiev.