The tombstone of Magdalena Berger's parents Klara and David Grossberger

This picture was taken in the Jewish cemetery in Sombor. This is the grave of my parents, David and Klara Grossberger. My father, David Grossberger, was born in Bonyhad (Hungary) in 1891 to Leopold Grossberger and Roza Grossberger (nee Veseli). My father married my mother, Klara Guszman of Sombor, and they had two children together: my brother Andrija-Tzvi Grossberger, who was born in 1924, and me. I was born in 1926. My mother was born in 1903. She came from an entirely non-religious Jewish family from Sombor. She died when I was eight years old but I faintly recollect her as a very sensitive and artistic woman.

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