Magdalena Berger's mother, Klara Grossberger, on the Croatian seaside

This is my mother Klara Grossberger at the seaside in Crikvenica in the summer of 1926, when we went on holiday. My family did not travel much, but Father would take us to the Croatian seaside or to Bled for summer vacations, and we spent time on our family farm. My mother was born in 1903. She came from an entirely non-religious Jewish family from Sombor. She died when I was eight years old but I faintly recollect her as a very sensitive and artistic woman. When she was not in the sanatorium, she enjoyed playing the piano and painting, but she was sick most of the time until she died in 1934. My father, my brother and I were on our family farm on T?isha B?av of that year when my father, my brother and a cousin left the farm in the family car for the city. They were headed to town for her funeral. I only learned later about her death. I have no recollection of whether shiva (the traditional Jewish mourning ritual) was observed for her or anything about that time.

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