Tatiana Tilipman’s parents Srul and Hana Krupnik and their grandchildren

These are my parents Srul and Hana Krupnik and their grandchildren: Yevgeni Tilipman (standing on the foreground), Mikhail Tilipman and Marcus Mostovoy (standing behind). This photo was taken in Bastandyk in 1954 in the yard of the house where my parents lived. My young son Yevgeni was crying and doesn't want to be photographed. Grandfather and grandmother are holding his hands.

During Great Patriotic War I, my parents, my sister Ida and her family evacuated to Turkestan station in Northern Kazakhstan. My father prayed every day. Buchara Jews and one Polish Jews were his friends. We made a shower cabin made from branches with a barrel on top of it in Turkestan. During Sukkoth we removed the barrel and we had dinners there through 8 days of the holiday. During Chanukkah my father made us makeshift lamps from potatoes, cotton oil and a wick.

After Great Patriotic War my parents and sister Ida and her family moved to Bastandyk, a small settlement in 5 km from Chirchik near Tashkent. Ida's husband was transferred there from Turkestan. They received a small house there and built an annex of one room and a kitchen to it. We made bricks from clay and straw. Ida's husband Petia joked looking at me that it was a decent job for a doctor.
Almost every summer we came from Odessa to spent vacations with our parents. My children enjoyed spending time with their grandfather and grandmother. In the middle of the 1960s Ida's family and my father and mother moved to Tashkent. In 1966, after an earthquake in Tashkent, my husband and I took my parents to Odessa.