Tatiana Tilipman and her family

This is me (in the center) and my family. From left to right: my son Yevgeni Tilipman, my son Mikhail Tilipman, my brother Iosif Krupnik, my husband Semyon Tilipman. This photo was taken in Odessa in 1996. This photo was made on my husband's 80th birthday. My son Mikhail and my brother Iosif came from Moscow on this celebration. We are standing in the little garden near our house.

I've never been interested in politics and did not care about perestroika. Our material status didn't change to worse, but we got more freedoms. The rebirth of Jewish life in Odessa began in the 1990s. Gemilut Hesed, this Jewish charity center, began its activities. My husband and I receive food packages from this center. There is a club 'The front brotherhood' of veterans of the war in Gemilut Hesed. We have gatherings twice a week. There are very interesting people among them. I also received a status of veteran of the war: so many of my patients returned to the front line. The Maodon club operates in Gemilut Hesed on Sundays. Interesting people get together at this club. They invite actors, writers and poets. There is also a library where I borrow books. I try to celebrate Sabbath and do no work on Saturday. On some holidays my husband and I go to the synagogue. I light memorial candles for our deceased and lost dear ones.

After the Great Patriotic War my brother Iosif served near Leningrad. When military staff was reduced in the early 1960s he moved to Moscow. He remarried there. His wife Sopha is a dentist. They had a daughter named Ludmila and a son named Boria. Iosif died in 2002.

After graduation from the Moscow State University my older son Mikhail stayed in Moscow. He got a job offer to work in a scientific research institute. He defended his candidate's dissertation. Mikhail married his co-student Galina Grinberg. In 1974 their first son Anton was born and four years later in 1978 their son Sergey was born. Now I already have a great grandson Denis, my grandson Anton's son. Galina lectures on mathematic in the Pedagogical College. Mikhail continues to work in his scientific research institute. He also works as a programmer for a private Canadian company.

My younger son Yevgeni finished the College of Public Economy in 1975 and works as a programmer in Odessa Standardization, Metrology and Certification Center. He is single. My son was subject to awards for brilliant performance several times. At the 100th anniversary of this center in 2002 he was awarded a memorable medal for good work.