Tatiana Tilipman’s brother Moisey's son Bencion Krupnik

This is my brother Moisey's son Bencion Krupnik. This photo was taken in Odessa in 1936. This photo I got from Moisey's wife Hana.

Bencion was born in 1935 in Odessa. During Great Patriotic War Moisey's wife Hana and two children Bencion and Tamara managed to leave Odessa. They got to Tashkent (today Uzbekistan) where they stayed until the war was over. My nephew Bencion told me that he played dices with other boys in Tashkent. When he won some change he bought pies for Tamara. After the war widow of my deceased brother Moisey, and her children returned to Odessa from evacuation to their previous apartment in Malaya Arnautskaya Street. Bencion Krupnik finished the Industrial Automation College in Odessa and got married. He had a son. In August 1974 he moved to Israel with his family. He lives with his family near Haifa. He is a pensioner. He has two children: son Mikhail and daughter Mirrah. Bencion visits his mother in Odessa every year.