Sophie Gingold as a pupil

Sophie Gingold as a pupil


This is a picture of my mother's aunt, who was a teacher of German and Yiddish, and was called Sophie Gingold. She is the fourth from left in the first row of students. This is a picture taken at the Teacher's Training College, as it was called at that time, in Cernauti. On the picture you can see the date the 9th August 1943, but it was surely made much earlier, because aunt Sophie was born in 1888, and she was still a student here.

My maternal grandfather had three sisters. One of them was called Sophie Gingold, and was born in 1888. She was a teacher of German and Yiddish at the Pedagogical School in Cernauti. Aunt Sophie wasn't deported, she remained in Cernauti during World War II, and after the war she refuged here, to her sister Regina Weber, who had a house. She taught Talmud Torah and also Yiddish in Suceava. Aunt Sophie was a rougher woman. Being a teacher, she was stricter, she liked discipline, order. She helped us with our homework sometimes. She wasn't married. Her sister, Regina Weber was married, then her husband died. Aunt Sophie and aunt Regina lived together. We had good family relations with them. We met and visited each other. Aunt Regina Weber died in 1970 at the age of 85, and in December 1975 Aunt Sophie also died.

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