Sinay Sivashinsky with his family

This is my mother's uncle, her father's brother, Sinay Sivashinsky with members of his family.

First row from left to right: Rosa Davidovna, Sinay's wife; Polina Solomonovna, the aunt of Sinay's son's wife.

Second row from left to right: Sinay Sivashinsky and Yeva, his granddaughter.

The photo was taken in Moscow in 1967.

The picture was taken in Moscow, when Sinay and his wife came to visit their younger son and his family: wife Paya and daughter Eva.

Polina Solomonovna, a doctor, raised her niece Paya, Yeva's mother: Paya remained an orphan after the war, as all her relatives perished in Belarus during the Holocaust. Sinay’s son is not in the picture because it was he who took it.

Sinay Sivashinsky was an important economist and worked in a bank in Leningrad. He was arrested in 1937-1938 [during the so-called Great Terror] and served time in the camps of Solikamsk.

He spent ten years there and was rehabilitated after Stalin had died [Rehabilitation in the Soviet Union]. His elder son perished at the frontline.

His younger son, a doctor, was also in the war, but survived. He lives in Moscow now, has a daughter from his first marriage and a son from his second marriage.

Sinay also moved to Moscow during his last years, where he died in the 1970s.