Birth certificate of Vulf Sivashinsky

This is the birth certificate of my uncle Vulf Sivashinsky, issued in St. Petersburg in 1906 and signed by the Doctor of Philosophy Drabkin, acting St. Petersburg Rabbi. His birth certificate is well preserved.

My mother's elder brother, Vulf - they called him Vladymir at home - was born in St. Petersburg in 1904. His birth certificate is well preserved.

After his bar mitzvah at the age of 13 he became a rabbi's disciple, it was an official status. He was taught by his grandfather Ovsey Neimotin and would have become a rabbi, if it hadn't been for the Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Vulf Moiseyevich had always been a man of ideas. At first, it was the idea of serving the Jewish religion.

After the Revolution he suffered a moral crisis and turned away from religion into the opposite direction: atheism of extreme kind.