Fruma Yuzvinskaya

This is Fruma Yuzvinskaya, nee Sivashinskaya, the sister of grandfather Moisey, my mother's aunt.

They called her Fenechka at home. This picture was taken in honor of her 16th birthday. She is dressed-up and wears a big white lace collar according to the time's fashion.

My grandfather Moisey's younger sister, Fruma, was born in 1883. She did not get any education and was a housewife. She lived in Leningrad.

Her husband, Isaac Yuzvinsky, was an engineer and was very fond of sport, especially football.

They both perished in besieged Leningrad in 1942 and were buried in the Jewish cemetery.

Their three sons perished at the frontline. The elder son perished at Karelian Isthmus, north of Leningrad, in the war with Finland [Soviet-Finnish War].

Two younger sons perished during the Great Patriotic War. Only their daughter survived. She graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic Institute as an engineer-metal expert. She lives with her family in the USA now.