Sida, Dona, Ina and Cadik Danon post-war reunion

This photo was taken when we met for the first time after the war, Belgrade (1945). From left: my sister Sida, my mother Dona, my sister Simha and me. In May 1945, I came to Belgrade, leaving my brigade which remained in Slovenia, for medical treatment, and to see if any of my family had survived. I found my brother-in-law's sister who told me that my eldest sister, Ina, was in Gornji Milanovac, and that her husband was in Cacak. She called them to come to Belgrade. They came that evening and we saw one another again for the first time after 4 torturous years. They fortunately did not end up in camps, in fact they were in the partisans and received the '1941 Spomenice' decoration. After a few days my younger sister, who was in the Dalmatian division, came to Belgrade and a few days later my mother, who was in Bari, arrived. By the middle of June the four of us were happy, except for the fact that our father was killed in the most bestial manner in Stara Gradiska. After the war we all began to work. My younger sister finished her studies, my older sister worked in administration and I enrolled in the gymnasium, to compensate for the time I had lost, and worked at 'Jugopetrol' at the same time. I worked there mornings until two and then went to school. In the course of two years I finished 4 years of gymnasium, graduated and enrolled in the architectural faculty in Prague.