Cadik Danon in partisans

A picture of me when I was in partisans, taken in Orahovica (Croatia) in 1943. September 12, 1942 was the day the seven of us escaped from the concentration camp. We were six Jews and one Croat, a veterinarian and member of the Party. He was arrested because he was a party activist at the veterinarian faculty where he worked as an assistant. His name was Zorislav Golub. I advanced quickly in the partisans. We were all well received without a trace of anti-Semitism, in fact they were happy and satisfied to have such qualified and capable people. All of us who had escaped from the camp distinguished ourselves with great bravery and courage and fought selflessly against Fascism. We were all decorated and received promotions. Already in December, after only three months, I became a company commissar. I was wounded in February 1943 and was hospitalized. I was operated on literally without any pain medicine in the worst and most meager conditions. Later, since I was now an invalid, I was transferred to the command area, the liberated territories fell under this organization's authority and it defended them from enemy attacks. In 1944, I became a commissar of the Vocin airport where the English mission was stationed and where English planes came to give support to the partisans. In 1945, I returned to my brigade, the XII Slavonska, and became the head of the brigade's propaganda department. I came to Baljburg with the brigade on May 15, 1945, two weeks after the German capitulation. In Vocin, we surrounded a group of a 100,000 Ustache who surrendered thanks to the English who were there with tanks.