Cadik and Olga Danon's wedding day

My wife and me on our wedding day in Belgrade, 1998. In the fall of 1949, at the university, I met my current wife, Olga Mogin Danon. It was love at first site. We dated for a year and half. However, one of her colleagues made an intrigue with her mother and we split up. We saw each other as friends but each went his own way. I had two unsuccessful marriages as did Olga and by chance Jasenovac helped me to return to my first love. In 1995, Olga was at her friend's weekend house. After lunch she laid down on a chaise lounge on the terrace with the television on. She had almost fallen asleep when she heard a familiar voice and she saw me. I was divorced and Olga was a widow. I was in the midst of my first television interview about Jasenovac and the Holocaust. She had a good cry while listening to me. Afterwards she called me on the phone and from then on we haven been together.