Sarka Brod-Hyland

This is my daughter Sarka Brod-Hyland. The photo is from the year 1963, she was nine then. We were on vacation at the ruins of the castle Potstejn in Eastern Bohemia.

We would go on vacation for three or four weeks, mainly in Bohemia, because it was the easiest, or we would send our daughter to some friends out in the country, so she wouldn't have to be in Prague during the summer, and then we would travel to see her.

In the 1960s we managed about two or three times to go to Bulgaria or Yugoslavia, to the sea.

Sarka was a child like every other. She had many girlfriends, who used to come see her or she would go see them, they were constantly phoning each other...

At that time Sarka liked drawing, and it's lasted her her whole life. She had this exercise book, where she would draw clothing designs for her dolls.

Our daughter was actually cared for by Mrs. Kopska, who was like a grandmother to her. She took her for walks, to school, raised her.

It was another generation that Mrs. Kopska was taking care of. Sarka finished elementary school, and then went to an art high school in Vinohrady.

Sarka was always rather an introvert, rather withdrawn into herself.

After the occupation of Czechoslovakia she withdrew into herself even more, and the period of normalization was difficult for her to stand. This however, is a photo from her still happy childhood.