Artistic photograph of Libuse Brodova

Artistic photograph of Libuse Brodova

This is one of many artistic photos of my wife Libuse Brodova.

My wife was and is very beautiful, and so used to frequently work as a model. She came by it more or less by accident, a photographer from Brno, Budik.

Who worked for the archive where she worked, and he asked her to pose for him. This photo was taken on the banks of the Vltava River in Prague in 1958.

This is in Novy Svet [a Prague neigborhood], one of a series of photographs. We were poor, there was no money to spare and lots of things also weren't possible to find.

So that's why my wife sewed for herself all the dresses she was photographed in. Back then they used to wear petticoats, it was very fashionable, it was the Dior silhouette, the New Look. Wide skirts, which used up lots of cloth, a bodice tight at the waist.

Nowadays my wife doesn't sew as much any more; her eyes are bad. But she still sews a lot for our granddaughter, she's got an entire wardrobe from her, of which she's duly proud.

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