Grandma Pickova with her grandchildren

On this photograph is my grandmother Anna Pickova and my brother Hanus, he's that little baby in the blanket, and my cousins Eva and Vera.

The photo is from a time when I wasn't even born yet, from the year 1928 and is most likely taken in our Prague apartment.

Grandma Pickova is the only one of my grandparents who I still faintly recall. But really only very faintly; she died when I was three. She lived in Ledec nad Sazavou and besides my mother had another four children.

Eva was the daughter of Uncle Jindrich Petrovsky. Their family were these bigwigs, they were co-owners of a sawmill, owned several buildings...

As a young child Eva already rode horses. Eva's family was really very lucky during the war, out of four members three survived, Eva, her brother Mario and their mother, Aunt Ruzena.

Uncle Jindrich didn't survive, he died sometime at the beginning of 1945.

After the war Eva married this one doctor and stayed in Czechoslovakia, even though her mother and brother emigrated to Israel in 1978. Eva died in 1991.

Vera was the daughter of Jiri Petrovsky, who he had from his first marriage with an Italian woman. So this is why Vera wasn't deported anywhere during the war. Vera died shortly after the war of leukemia.