Rozalia Unger's uncle Szapiro

This is my mother's (Malka Achtman, nee Szapiro) brother, I don?t remember his first name. This photo was probably taken in London in the 1930s. My mother had two brothers. Their last name was Szapiro, but I don't remember their first names. One lived in Zawiercie, and one in London. My mother was still young, she was 47 when she died, and they were older. I don't know where my mother was born, I know they lived in a place called Szczekociny, it was somewhere in Silesia, near Sosnowiec, or thereabout. My uncle who lived in England had immigrated there a long, long time before the war, to work, most likely; he was a cap maker. He sent us English pounds to provide for the family. He was very religious, reportedly had eight children in London. I've never met them. I don't even know whether his wife was Jewish. I suppose so, because it's typical for Jews to marry only Jews.

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Rozalia Unger