Certificate confirming the place and date of death of Oskar Unger's family members

This certificate confirmed the place and the date of death my husband Oskar Unger's family members. It was issued in Przemysl in 1946. My husband comes from a village near Rzeszow called Lubenia. He was born in 1912, into a peasant Jewish family, there were thirteen children, that's the way it was in those days; Jews didn't do abortions. I knew my husband's parents: his father was very religious, wore a beard, but that's not what I mean about how he lived. They lived in the countryside, and people wandered throughout the countryside, religious ones, too. I don't know whether it was in the name of God or whatever. But if someone came, you had to give him food, water, whatever, and give him a place to sleep for the night. My husband's father had a special little room for that and he never told the pilgrim to go away but instead he accommodated him. He even gave him food to eat, those were the customs, different than today. They had two acres of land, one cow, and thirteen children, one looked after the other, and out of all of them the only ones to survive were my husband and an orphan boy my husband's father had adopted, his name was Alman Intrater.



Rozalia Unger