Roza Cohen on her graduation day

This photograph was taken in Thessaloniki in 1939. I am the third  from the left in the top row. It was taken on the stairs of the American or Anatolia College on the day of my graduation.

In the center of the photograph you can see the principle of the school, Mrs. Morley. the woman second from the left in the top row was my best friend Eugenia, who was Greek Orthodox. The fourth from the left in the top row is Rene Santiel, who married Mr. Molho, who owned one of the largest bookstores of Thessaloniki. The first woman from the left in the second row is Elli, another Greek Orthodox friend. IIn the bottom row are four students of who one is Albanian and two are Armenian.

The school was founded by American Missionaries in Merzifon of Asia Minor, in 1886. In 1924, after the invitation of Eleutherios Venizelos, it was transferred to Thessaloniki. During the interwar period it had many Jewish students.