Roza Benveniste with classmates at the Ecole Franco-Allemande

This picture was taken in 1934. I am seated in the bottom row at the far right with my classmates in the yard of the Ecole Franco-Allemande that I attended. I am 15 years old in the photograph. I do not remember the names of the other children.

Ecole Franco-Allemande was my uncles’ school. One uncle taught French and my other uncle taught German. My uncles' school offered a high level of education. With this knowledge I took exams and got my degree from the Lycee Francais.
At my uncles' school, we were taught Hebrew. We didn't really learn the language, but we learned some prayers that I can still remember. Then they thought that this wasn't a very efficient way of teaching, so they got us a teacher from Israel who taught us literature, and another one who taught us Rashi.