Roza and Leon Anzhel at their golden anniversary

This is a photo of me and my husband Larry. To the left you can see our daughter Zhani (Yafa). We are standing in front of the apartment house where we have been living for nearly fifty years, in 'Zaharna Fabrika' quarter, Sofia. There is no inscription or dedication on the back of the photo, which was taken in 2004.

When our 50th anniversary - the golden anniversary - approached we decided to have a real wedding ritual. I was dressed like a bride, holding a wedding bouquet in my hand, and Larry was wearing a bow-tie. The car with which we went to Record restaurant, where the celebration took place, was decorated with balloons and flowers. Fifty years ago, when Larry and I got married, the situation wasn't right for an official ritual and because of that our children suggested, and we agreed, to do what we couldn't do in the past.