Ester and Aron Galvy

My sister Ester (Stela) and her husband Aron Galvy. A wedding photo from 1948. They are in front of the registry office on Lege Street in Sofia. It was an extremely humble wedding ceremony. They got married only before the registrar, without a wedding ritual in the synagogue.

My sister Ester or Stela Galvy, nee Varsano, was born in 1926 in Sofia. The fact that we were almost the same age made us very close because of the common problems we used to have. She was my first confidante who would often defend me in front of our mother. Stela finished the preliminary classes and the first, second and third grade at the Jewish school and the Jewish elementary school as well. After 9th September she started going to evening classes, but then she got married, the children came and she didn't complete her education. She worked as a seamstress. She got married in 1948 to my husband Leon Anzhel's friend, Aron Galvy. They have two daughters, Olga and Galya. At present Stela lives in Israel. She left twelve years ago, in 1994.

Aron Galvy was a very close friend of my husband's. He was a designer. While Larry was actively wooing me and was paying a lot of attention to me, he was always beside us to support us. Aron came together with Larry when he wanted to declare his serious intentions to my mother. After 9th September 1944 Aron was working in the non-ferrous metals factory at Iskar railway station and for a certain period of time he was a secretary of the Communist Party there. In 1975, three days before my son Dzheki's wedding, he was shot with five bullets by mistake by a worker who hadn't received an apartment from the company, which he had requested. [As a matter of fact the worker intended to shoot the director of the company but couldn't find him and went to look for Aron.]