Roza and Leon Anzhel at their 60th wedding anniversary

My husband Larry and I at our 60th wedding anniversary. We celebrated in the Jewish community center in Sofia in 2004 where we frequently go to meet other people. Frankly speaking, we have been quite active in the Jewish Cultural Center for seven years. If there hadn't been the things done by the rehabilitation center, maybe we wouldn't have been among the living now because there are only the two of us at home - Larry and me. Our children don't live with us and they are very busy, they go to work. It has never been so quiet in this house before and we were simply looking for something to fight over, to quarrel about little things. We were rather irritable. Our big walk was to go to the market place and back. Well, we attended the synagogue, too, but only on holidays. It's great that this rehabilitation center was created and we started going there - not because of the food, we don't even eat there now, but because of the people we meet and spend time with. In 'Zdrave' club we do exercises, sing in the choir, you saw the photos, didn't you? We dance traditional dances in the dance classes. There is more diversity in our lives now. And no matter what the weather is - it may be freezing or boiling, we are always there.