This is my father's stepfather Popelyanskiy (I don?t remember his first name). He lived with my grandmother Hanna Rochl in Kalvari town not far from Marijampole. Popelyanskiy was very religious. The picture was taken in Marijampole in the 1920s. Grandmother Hanna Rochl was born in Detroit, USA. During her adolescence she came to Poland and married my grandfather. After Grandfather's death, Father's four sisters and brother gradually left for USA and my father and grandmother moved to Lithuania. Later on Grandmother got married again. Her husband's name was Popelyanskiy. Hanna Rochl and her husband, a very handsome and rather well-off man, lived in the vicinity of Marijampole. I rarely saw Grandmother Hanna Rochl. They came to see us in Luksiai two or three times, when they were on their way to the seaside, where they went almost yearly. Both Grandmother and her husband were killed by the Fascists in the first days of occupation.