Bashe Feiga Kacharinskaite and her classmates

This is the class of my sister Bashe Feiga Kacharinskaite from the Lithuanian school. She is the fourth from the left in the third row. She has a hat on. The picture was taken in the 1930s in Luksiai. My sister Basha Feige born in 1928 in Luksiai. She was the youngest in our family. When it was the time for me to study, I went to a Lithuanian lyceum, where my youngest siblings ? Leiser and Bashe Feiga ? also studied. We were very friendly, therefore I practically had no friends, as communication with my siblings was enough for me. I loved my younger sister Bashe Feiga and it seems to me that my love was almost maternal. My younger siblings, Leiser and Bashe Feiga, went to a Soviet school. In spring 1941 there was a tribulation. Bashe Feiga had a serious illness. First the doctors said it was influenza, but she felt no better. She cried from a splitting headache. My sister was taken to Sakiai, where the doctors said that it was too late to treat her. Then she was taken to Kaunas, where she underwent an operation, but it was too late. Bashe Feiga died of brain fever at the age of 13. I didn't see my sister dead as my parents had her buried at the Kaunas Jewish cemetery. They came back home grief stricken. I couldn't calm down for a long time. Even now I am remembering it with tears. It was in April 1941.