Meishe Ushpits

This is my husband Meishe Ushpits by our car. He couldn't picture his life without a car. He got into a car accident and barely survived, but still drove the car after the accident. The picture was taken in Kaunas in the 1960s. Meishe and I had a good life. We were not needy. I made pretty good money. My husband was also well paid despite being a common worker. We were one of the first people in Kaunas who bought a car for the whole family. My children were raised by their grandparents in their house in Sakiai. My husband and I went there every weekend. Only when it was time for them to go to school, I took Hanna and then Shmuel to the city. We went to the seaside in Palanga with our children. We also went to Vilnius. We didn't leave Lithuania.