Official greeting to Ludmila Pavlovskaya’s father Vladimir Pavlovskiy

An official greeting to my father on the occasion of the award of the Order of Red Star for Labor to my father Vladimir Pavlovskiy, signed by Mr. Kratenko, director of Stalinskpromstroy trust, Mr. Saratovskih, Party leader of the Central Committee of All-Russian Communist Party of Bolsheviks, and Mr. Kucherov, Chairman of the Construction Committee, on 17 April 1943. Text of the greeting: To comrade Vladimir Bacionovich Pavlovskiy. On behalf of the collective of Stalinskpromstroy trust, People's Commissariat of the Ferrous Metallurgy of the USSR, we congratulate you with this high governmental award and wish you all best successes at work in the future. We express our conviction that you will continue to struggle for the fulfillment of any assignments of the Party, government and comrade Stalin dedicating all your energy and life if it is necessary, for the good of our Motherland. We stayed in Stalinsk in 1941 (Novokuznetsk at present), Kemerovo region in Siberia, about 2500 km from Kiev. My parents went to work at the metallurgical plant producing steel for tanks. My father was production engineer and my mother worked at the plant training school. We lived in a small room in a 3-storied dull gray building in Stalinsk. There was one kitchen and one bathroom on each floor. Each family had its own primus stove in the kitchen. There were few trees in the yard where children played. I went to the kindergarten in Stalinsk. We didn't have enough food. I remember the delicacy of that time: my mother washed potato peels and made potato pancakes. Food was distributed per cards. We received bread, peas and some cereals. We didn't get any meat, butter or sweets. When winter came my father obtained a card to get one pair of boots and a quilted jacket. That was all we had. We wore these clothes in turn. My father was awarded the order of Red Star for Labor. It was given to him by secretary of Kemerovo regional Party Committee The so-called "triangle" of the plant - director, party leader and chairman of the construction committee - greeted my father.