Ludmila Pavlovskaya’s aunt Sonia Shehtman

My aunt Sonia. Photo made in Kiev in 1930. My mother and her sister Sonia went to a Jewish lower secondary school. My mother's sister Sonia moved to Kiev after my mother came here. Aunt Sonia finished rabfak and the accounting course. She married Iosif Shehtman, a Jew, when he was a student of the Kiev Engineering and Construction Institute. Iosif graduated from the Institute in the same year as my father and began to work as a foreman at the construction site. After the war he became manager of a construction trust and worked there until retirement. Aunt Sonia worked as an accountant for some time, but after her daughter Mara was born (we are the same age with her) she quit her job and became a housewife. She had kidney problems. After evacuation in the Ural her condition got worse. Aunt Sonia died at the age of 46 in 1956. Her daughter Mara graduated from the Kiev Road Institute and became an engineer. She got married and had a daughter. Her husband died and she moved to the US with her daughter's family in the early 1970s. She lives there now.