Nisim Navon's maternal uncle Haim Baruhovic and his first wife, Gilda

This is my mother's eldest brother, Haim Baruhovic, and his first wife, Buca, a Jew from Belgrade. She died young and he married remarried to a woman named Simha Izrael. Haim and Simha had two children together, Josef and Rahela. Before World War Two, Haim worked as a dentist in the Royal Yugoslav Army, and afterwards he worked as a state dentist in Pristina. During World War Two, he was captured and taken to prisoner of war camps in Biberak and Nuremberg, Germany. After the war he and his family returned to Pristina and then moved to Belgrade. He died in 1972 in Belgrade. His son Josef is an engineer living with his wife in Belgrade. His daughter lives in Israel with her husband, Shimon Malina, a Jew from Argentina.