Nisim Navon with his wife Ljubica Navon and sister Rukula Navon

This is my with my wife Ljubica (next to me) and sister Rukula (on the left). After the war I married my wife Ljubica, a school teacher, whom I met during the studies at the university. Ljubica is Serbian. Her family was from Nis but moved to Pristina after the war to work on the development of the town. We used to meet while visiting our families. We had a child, Gavriel N. Navon, who died in 1954 and is buried in the cemetery in Pristina. He was buried in the Jewish cemetery, together with my father and grandfather. The cemetery still exists, but Albanians are using it now. My sister studied in the local gymnasium in Pristina before the war. Her studies were interrupted when the Numerus Clausus laws were passed. After the war she took a couple of training courses but she never finished her secondary education. She moved to Belgrade in 1948 where she worked as an office clerk. She married Jakov Ben Cion, a Sephardic Jew from Belgrade. They were married in 1948 in the Belgrade Synagogue by Rabbi Cadik Danon. Their marriage ended in divorce twenty-some years later. My sister and I currently live in Belgrade and see each other often. I still speak to my sister in Ladino but she prefers Serbian.