Emanuel Baruh, Nisim Navon's cousin, and Gidalja Gigic in their gymnasium caps

Emanuel Baruh, my cousin, and Gidelja Gidic in a courtyard in Pristina before Word War Two. This picture was taken while the boys were still in gymnasium in Pristina. At the time, all high school students wore caps like the ones the boys are wearing. Each cap had an emblem sewn on the front representing the grade the student was in. Girls wore berets with similar insignias, and black dresses with buttons. This uniform was purchased by the parents and was more or less obligatory in schools.

Emanuel was in Bergen-Belsen during the war. He studied pharmacology in Zagreb and worked for a while after the war in the Pantazivic pharmacy in Pristina. Sometime after the war he made aliya and he lived in Israel until his death.

Gedalja Gidic was the son of Sara and Samuel Gidic, both Jews from Pristina. Samuel died in Pristina before the war. Sara was in Bergen-Belsen during the war and moved to Israel after the war, where she lived until her death. Gedalja was also in Bergen-Belsen, and also studied pharmacology, but in Belgrade. He made aliya and lived in Israel until his death.