Melania Donathova with relatives

The first lady on the right is my mother Melania Donathova, nee Pickova, and beside her is my mother-in-law, Maria Schvalbova. In the photo are also my two aunts from Zlate Moravce and my mother's brother Oskar Pick. The photo was taken at the graduation of my son Ivan. Ivan studied medicine in Kosice. We invited all our friends and relatives to the graduation. My younger son brought a girl that he later married. We had a celebratory dinner, as is the custom. My husband's mother was born in Trstena na Orave. Her parents had a small textile shop there, she was the only daughter amongst the children, and besides her they had four sons. She had a relatively peaceful life with me while she was still younger, but then her character changed a lot. My husband and I took care of her until the end, she lived beside us. Uncle Oskar married a non-Jewish woman, Valeria, who you could say saved our lives during the war. They lived in Zilina. They had no children, because his wife was ill and had to undergo three gynecological operations. Oskar died in 1983, the year after my son's graduation.