Albert Pick at the Maccabi Games in Israel

Second from the left is my cousin Albert Yisrael Pick, my uncle Gejza's son. I don't know who took the photograph. In the picture you can see Israeli soldiers at the Maccabi Games. The photo was taken in 1950. Uncle Gejza picked an interesting wife. So many nationalities have mixed in our family...her mother came from Berlin, while her father was a Turkish Jew, a goldsmith. They were married in Berlin. I don't know how exactly they ended up in Zilina. My uncle's wife, Herta Pickova, worked as a clerk in a textile factory, and that's where they met. They had one son, Albert Yisrael. Albert is named after the great-grandfather whose grave I found. Uncle Gejza moved to Israel in 1948. His son lives there to this day, he's got three children: Ariela, Daphne and Merav. These days he's already got several grandchildren, but I don't know their names.