Meier Epshtein's school photo

This is my older brother Meier's photo form his school identification card of 1939. He did lots of sports, was a great sportsman, he was slim and handsome. He was three years and three months younger than me. I got this photo from a Latvian lady, Mrs. Rimov, who saved my brothers and me at the beginning of the war. Meier, who was born in 1927, worked on railways as a slave worker here in Latvia and in Germany. He lasted the entire war. He was very strong; of the three of us he was the strongest, he had a good sporty figure. At the end of the war, the Germans liquidated his work camp. It was the 3rd of May and he would have turned 18 years old. But something happened and his leg hurt and he wasn?t able to march with the rest of the laborers and the escort took him away and shot him! And three hours later they were all free!