Abraham Epshtein and his cousin Dov Ban

My brother Abraham Epshtein and cousin Dov Ban. The photo was taken in Liepaja in 1935. Abrashenka, my younger brother, had big black eyes. And in our house in Liepaja there was a boot-making shop. He loved to go by the boot-maker after school. Abrashenka sat there and the boot-maker liked to talk with him. When the Germans entered our town in 1941, the boot-maker said, ?I thought about saving that boy. I have a lot of relatives in the village. But is it possible to save a boy with such eyes! You can?t possible hide this child; he needs to move around. They will see right away that he is not our child.? Abrashenka was not strong before the war. But nonetheless he held out for four years and nearly made it. He died on 13th July 1945 of tuberculosis. But our little cousin Dov died in Riga's ghetto during the war.