Marketa Freundova with her sisters

This is a photograph of all of my father's sisters. Sitting on the left is Aunt Bedriska, beside her Adela, then Marketa (Freundova, nee Blochova), sitting on the right side of the table is Aunt Elsa, and beside her, wearing a hat, is Aunt Olga (Glässnerova, nee Blochova). The sisters were close and used to get together like this. The photo was taken sometime after the year 1938, when all of the sisters moved to Prague.

My grandparents had all told eleven children, five boys and six girls. Oskar, Olga, Otto, Artur, Adela, Elsa, Bedriska, who they called Frida, Marketa, Helena, Egon and Kamil. Adela had three sons; Elsa lived up until 1938 with her family in Karlovy Vary. Frida lived in Teplice and was the only one of the siblings to not have children. Helena got tuberculosis and died at the age of 24. Marketa had two children. All the sisters were married to university graduates. One was a chemical engineer, another a lawyer, another a pharmacist and had a pharmacy on the Old Town Square. Elsa's husband was a doctor and Aunt Olga was married to the lawyer Karel Glässner. They had a son, Alfred, and daughters Trude and Erna. They lived in Lovosice.