Jan Bloch with his cousins

In this nice photo are my girl cousins Ilsa, Liza and Doris, and in the carriage my boy cousin Jan, they were the children of my father's brothers Otto and Oskar, who also lived in Dubi. This photo was taken in front of Uncle Oskar's house in the 1910s. My grandfather owned three prospering factories, and had left instructions as to which of his children was to run them. My father got the largest one, the porcelain factory. My father's brothers inherited the other two factories; Oskar got the factory in Dubi and Otto the very first one, in Uncin. Otto however went bankrupt due to the Depression. Otto's wife was named Josefina, they had a daughter named Doris, who was born the same year as my sister, and my three years older cousin, Honza or Jan. Josefina was very good friends with my father's second wife, Aunt Gusti. Oskar died quite suddenly in his sixties, he fell down in our garden and never got up again. His wife, Stella Blochova, who was his cousin that he had brought with him from the United States, then ran the factory. They had two daughters together, Ilsa and Liza. But during the Great Depression the factory went bankrupt, so of the family property, only my father's porcelain factory remained. After Hitler's accession to power, Stella was warned by her brothers who lived in America, and already in 1936 she left with her younger daughter for America. Her older daughter got married and lived in Teplice, nevertheless she also left in time, in 1938, before the Germans occupied the border regions.