Hannerle Blochova with fellow high school graduates

This, I think, is my sister's high school graduating class in Teplice. My sister, Hannerle Blochova, was born during the war years, so these several girls were the entire class. The young lady at the far right was named Kohnova, and the one on the far left lives in Austria and today she's 89. Both of the men are teachers, one was the homeroom teacher, the other was the Latin and Greek teacher. The photo was taken by Max Hafrank in 1934. My sister was born in 1916 in Teplice. We called her Hanne, but her real name was Hannerle. My mother's brother Jan picked this name from the book 'Die Geschichte von der Hannerl und ihren Liebhabern' ['The Story of Hannerl and Her Lovers']. My uncle knew that my mother was pregnant, but he never saw my sister, because he fought and fell at the Italian Front. In a letter to my mother he wrote that he'd read that book and that Hannerle was a nice name, for them to give it to her. She survived the war with me, we went through it all together. At the end of the war she was 29 years old. She worked her whole life as a nurse, after the war in the Teplice hospital. During one operation she caught polio, which very much influenced the state of her health. After that she even had one leg paralyzed. She also suffered from diabetes and other diseases.