Lubov Berezovskaya

This is my second wife Lubov Berezovskaya. This photo was taken in Kishinev in 1947. During the war in Hungary I was slightly wounded and met my future wife Lidia Zherdeva in the hospital. In 1946 Lidia and I moved to Kishinev. I didn't live long with my first wife. I fell in love with Lubov Berezovskaya. She was an accountant in our construction department. I think she was the most beautiful woman I've ever met in my life. I was offered the position of site superintendent at the construction of a food factory in Orhei. At first I refused, but when I heard that Berezovskaya was going there to work as an accountant, I changed my mind. We moved to Orhei together and got married in 1947. Our son Sergei was born there. My second wife was Russian. She was born in Kharkov in 1925. She moved to Kishinev after the war with her mother, Olga Antonovna Chumak. Her father, Boris Berezovskiy, died before the war. Olga Antonovna was a worker at the shoe factory in Kishinev. When we met, Lubov only had secondary education, but later she graduated from the Faculty of Economics of Kishinev University. She was promoted to chief accountant of the construction department. We celebrated all Soviet holidays at home. We went to parades on October Revolution Day, and on 1st May, and we had guests at home. We celebrated 8th March [International Women's Day] at work. We gave flowers and gifts to women and had drinking parties. I congratulated my wife at home. Of course, we celebrated birthdays. We invited friends. There were gatherings of about ten of us when we were younger. I considered moving to Israel during the mass departure, but it wasn't very serious. If I had given it more serious thought, I would have left. I had all possibilities, but I didn't move there because I had a Russian wife. My wife Lubov was a kind person. She was always kind to people. We lived almost 50 years together and she never spoke out one curse word at home. We never had any rows and I believe I had a happy family life. My wife died in 1998.