Isaac Rozenfain with his relatives

This is me with my relatives. This photo was taken in Kishinev in 1965. First row from left to right: my wife Lubov Berezovskay, my nephew Izia Shusterman's wife (name unknown), his daughter (name unknown). 2nd row from left to right: I, my nephew Izia Shusterman, my niece Nelia Shusterman, my aunt Mania Shusterman. My mother's sister Mania Shusterman lived in Eskipolos. Aunt Mania was the oldest of all children. She was a housewife. I don't remember her husband. Her son Abram, my cousin brother, was about 20 years older than me and always patronized me. Abram was a revisionist Zionist, a rather adamant one: he was one of the leaders of Betar in Bessarabia on an official basis: he was paid for his work, he was an employee of Betar. Abram had a hearing problem which was the result of the lightning that struck their house in Eskipolos in his childhood. It killed Abram's sister, whose name I can't remember. She had two children: Izia and Nelia, my nephew and niece. My parents and I often spent our summer vacations with Aunt Mania in Eskipolos on the Black Sea firth. We went by train to Arciz, which took a few hours, and from there we rode for some more hours on a horse-drawn wagon. There was a lovely beach there with fine yellow sand. I enjoyed lying in the sun. I learned to swim and used to swim far into the sea and sway lying on my back on the waves. I also enjoyed spending time with my cousin Abram, whom I loved dearly. He often traveled to Kishinev on Betar business.