Lev’s wife

This is my wife Lidia Naumovna Yagupolskaya in Kiev.

I met my future life Lidia Naumovna Kuritskaya in the University. She was born in a very intelligent family in Kiev in 1925.

Elena Yatsemirskaya, my wife's mother, was a surgeon. During the war she was on the First Ukrainian front and after the war she worked at the Children's hospital in Kiev. Naum Kuritskiy, my wife's father, was an engineer, a bridge designer. He was involved in the construction of a bridge across Oder when our army was advancing toward Berlin.

Lidia was one year younger than I. She also studied at the Department of Chemistry. She returned from the evacuation and continued her studies. She paid attention to my picture on the Board of Honor (pictures of the best students were displayed there). She approached me and said that she wanted to meet the best student of the University. That was how we met. She studied physical chemistry and I studied organic chemistry. We got married in 1948. There was no wedding. We just got together with our friends in the hostel. Everybody brought whatever they had, we ate and drank and that was it. We lived at my parents' place in Franko street.