Lev’s mother's family

This is my mother's family. From left to right: Rachil Yagupolskaya (nee Fabricant), my mother, Moisey Yagupolskiy, my father, uncle Abram and Lisa, Eva and my grandfather Isaak.

My mother had two brothers and two sisters: Abram was born in 1885. He was a pharmacist. He lived in Uman and then he moved to Kiev. He was a guardian of the Jewish traditions in the family. He established the rules to be followed. He always went to the synagogue, observed Shabbath and other holidays, followed the kashrut rules even when it was almost impossible. They talked Yiddish in his family, although his children went to Russian schools. During the war he evacuated to Kokand in Uzbekistan and stayed there. He was director of a pharmacy. He observed all Jewish traditions in Uzbekistan, too, although there was no synagogue there. He had 3 children. One of them lives and works in Kiev, and two others live in Israel. He died in Kiev in 1995.

Isaak, my mother's 2nd brother, was born in 1897. He worked as an economist in Uman and died there in 1985. He didn't have a family of his own. Eva, my mother's sister, was born in 1900. She lived in Moscow and was a housewife. She died in 1983. Her children and grandchildren live in Moscow. Lisa, my mother's younger sister, born in 1920, lived in Uman. During the war she was in the evacuation. She died in Uman in 1996. She had no family of her own.