Juci Scheiner and Ilonka Vas

Juci Scheiner and Ilonka Vas

This picture was taken on 23rd March 1956. We had this picture taken in front of the lottery office on the main square, so everybody could see us. I?m the one on the right, beside me there's a woman from Szekelykal, her name was Ilonka Vas.

Ilonka and me used to take part in the lottery. In 1956 we won this German motorcycle. In Romania this was the first object one could win in the lottery, until then they had only given away money. In the same year I won two more times in the lottery, once 900 lei, and once 400 or 450 lei.

Ilonka used to come to our house to clean, and always brought us some eggs, or something. She convinced me to take part in the lottery. We told her we wouldn't give that much money - it cost 1700 lei - so four of us bought a ticket together: her, me and the wife and mother-in-law of my younger brother Andras .

At the same time, Andras went to Bucharest to buy himself a small motorcycle, because he had no money for a big one. I remember he gathered all the money in the house, some 14,000 lei. He didn't find a motorcycle he liked, there were only big and used ones. In Segesvar, an acquaintance asked him, ?So, what do you say, your sister has won a motorcycle in the lottery!? He was so happy when he came home. He then bought the motorcycle from us, that is, he gave us some money for it.

A few years before, I had met my first husband, Jeno Schonbrunn, at a motorcyclist ball. My younger brother was already a big motorcycle fan, he really liked to ride them, and was amongst the organizers. The ball took place in the main hall of the Apollo restaurant in Marosvasarhely.

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