Ilona Mestitz with her high school mates

This is mom, Ilona Mestitz, nee Laszlo, third from right in the second row, the one in the white blouse in a higher girls' school. The picture was taken in 1908, probably in Marosvasarhely, but I'm not sure. These were probably her classmates. I don't know anything else about the photo.

My maternal grandparents, Albert and Hermina Laszlo, nee Spitz, had to be living alternately in Szeged and Mako because Janos, my mom's older brother and my mother, Ilona, were born in Szeged, while Margit, her older sister and Erzsebet, her younger sister were in Mako. A few years separated each of them. I don?t know exactly when they came to Marosvasarhely.

My grandparents weren't wealthy, but they had everything. They had a four-bedroom-apartment and a servant. If Erzsebet had to go to a ball, she always wore a new dress. Grandfather Laszlo was the manager of the timber mill. My dad, Henrik Mestitz, was then 32 and visited them. Mom was sitting on the stairs with her younger sister and they were licking a casserole dish in which they mixed the cream for a cake. It was the first time he saw her. He didn't pay much attention to her, then one day they were both invited somewhere and my dad noticed her beautiful legs. Then he decided to propose to her, but they didn't want to let her go, because they first wanted to marry off her older sister Margit, who was one and a half years older. They wanted him to marry Margit, but my dad refused. Mom graduated from high-school and she got married as soon as she turned 18. They were married in a normal wedding by a rabbi. They must have had a beautiful wedding.

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